General questions


- What time is the check-in and check-out?  

Check-in starts at 12:30 p.m., Check-out until 9:30 a.m.


 - How many dives a day are there? 

The price includes 2 dives/day + 1 night dive a week.

Each extra night dive is € 20/person (min. 10 divers). 


- How are drinks and national park fees to pay?

There is a tally for drinks.

All special services are to pay in cash at the end of the cruise (each common currency is accepted).


- Is it possible to get vegetarian food (no meat, no seafood)? 

Yes of course, we can respond to special requests.


- If the ship is not fully occupied, will you get a single cabin?

If it is not sold out, there will be a chance to a single cabin.

In case you want to reservate a single cabin in advance, a surcharge of 40% of trip cost is due.


- Can I dive with the guide since I am alone?

Generally yes, but sometimes the guide has leading dives and then it depends on your diving education.

We will definitely try to find a suitable diving buddy for you. 


- How is the payment for the cruise, is there a deposit required?

There will be a deposit of €200 if it is a confirmed booking. The rest can be payed either in cash or transferred to our Austrian bank account 4 weeks before departure. 


- What bottles are available on the ship? 
 There are consistently 12 steel bottles, 15 l steel bottles, 11 l aluminium and 22 l aluminium twinset with integrated weights  on the ship and all are equipped with 2 DIN connectors. Adapters are avaiable.

- Is it recommended to bring things like linen, pillows, etc.?

No, everything is there. So no need to bring your own linen.

However, it is recommended to bring a sleeping pad or something similar and a sleeping bag, because you will have the opportunity to sleep on deck under the stars. 

Sleeping pad or air mattress are also handy for lying on deck sunbathing.


- Are the routes fixed or can they be adapted?

The defined routes are just a guideline. They can be altered depending on the weather and training levels of the guests.

These are the terms of conditions in case of a customer's request:

There are approximately 4 hours time of travel included. Each additional hour costs €150.


 - Are there portholes in the cabines on the lower deck?

Yes, all cabins have got windows with sea view.


- Is there always electricity available on the ship?

While driving, filling bottles and staying at a port we have got 230V.

If we stay in a bay overnight, the generator will run until 10 p.m.