This type of tour is recommended and possible only for licensed technical divers and it offers one technical diving per day on depts. between 60 and 90 meters. Max number of technical divers is 15. Manipulation, rent of gear and gases are paid separately and they are presented in optional services price list which is available on the web site. Guiding and organization of each dive are made on highest professional level with deco line and deco field.


Technical tour is organized in association with Mr. Gordan Horvat. Gordan has been heavily involved in the development of Technical diving in the Adriatic Region over the past few years. As an avid cave and wreck diver he has organized many big expeditions in this region such as The Wrecks of Island Pag in Croatia in 2006, Izverna Cave Diving in Romania in 2008, Nanos Wreck Expedition (93m) in Croatia, 2006 – 2009, Kruščica Cave, Expedition in Bosnia and H, 2009 -2010 and Dubanac Cave in Croatia, 2007-2011, He was also deeply involved in a number of other expeditions promoting technical diving in the area such as Cavtat Wrecks in Croatia 2005, the Szent Istvan Expedition, Croatia 2007 and Expedition K. Diedrichsen, Croatia ,2010.

Gordan Horvat is instructor for Nitrox, Decompression Nitrox, Technical Nitrox, Trimix Level 1and 2, Cave level 1,2 and 3, APD CCR Level 1,2 and 3, CCR Cave, Wreck and Advanced Wreck.


Technical tour offers two routes (North and South technical tours) with wracks and deep walls.


North technical tour offers: 3 dives on wracks up to 80 m (Albanien and Euterpe) and 3 dives on wracks up to 65 m (Pelagosa, Kapitan Diederichsen and Pascoli). All these wracks are located in area of island Pag, Premuda and Ilovik (north Dalmatia and Kvarner region).


South technical tour offers:  wrack Francesca da Rimini near Kaprije, wrack Zagreb near Rogoznica and area of island Vis. This area has many top spots for technical divers like B-17 Bombarder, wrack Brioni, Vasillios and Ursus. Price for this tour includes extra fuel and special zone permission for island Vis.

Maximum Divers: 12

Price: On request