Cancellation Fees


 So far on the trip application otherwise specified, is the right to cancellation fees: 


a)      To 50 days before departure = 10% of the price

b)       to 49.-35.days before departure = 25% of the price

c)        to 34.-22.days before departure = 50% of the price

d)       to 21.-15.days before departure = 75% of the price
e)        to 14 days before departure = 100% of the price


Price changes for reasons that are not on the will of the company "Divers Destination KG" or "Kresimir Linie d.o.o."
are dependent, and thus provide no automatic cancellation toll-free
Resignation; whereas this basic reasons are changes in exchange rates,
Rates, fees, duties, taxes, fuel costs, etc. less
Participants agreed with the service provider or for package-
the cost calculated from the number of participants, of any individual.


With a too small number of participants "Divers Destination KG." and "Kresimir line d.o.o." can rebook the Safari later than 30 days before departure or cancel!


"Divers Destination KG" and "Kresimir line d.o.o." explicitly points out that the
Opportunity to various charges of any kind from participants
to bear themselves.
The participants of appropriate within the reserve members accept
these notes in full.
In the event of a dispute the court of jurisdiction Rijeka using
Croatian legislation (according to Article 977, § § 988
of the Act) as a relevant law.