Zadar (Sukošan) - Molat - Premuda-Rivanj - Mali Lošinj - Cres - Krk - Rab, Novalja - Zadar


Highlights of the North tour:

  • Wrack "Unje"
  • Cathedral of Premuda
  • Wrack "Lina" 
  • Prvić



First day (Saturday):

After start from Sukošan this day is reserved for one swim-stop and further cruising toward island Molat and place called Molat. The ship stays over night in Molat and second day (Sunday) it continues its journey toward island Premuda


Second day (Sunday):

From island Molat, Vranjak I continues cruising toward island Premuda.

The cave system of Premuda offers both beginners and advanced divers dazzling dives. Due to the complexity of the caves even two dives can be done on this spot.  Premuda is definitely the most beautiful island for diving in area of North Dalmatia.

After second dive on island Premuda, the ship continues its journey toward island wreck .

In this port ship stays over the night.


Third day (Monday):

From Mali Lošinj, the journey continues toward islands Srakane and Unije, which are located north-west from Mali Lošinj. After 2 dive spots, we arrive to island and place Cres where ship stays over night.


Fourth day (Tuesday):

After Cres, the journey continues along west side of island Cres which is reserved for 2 dives spots. One of these spots is wrack Lina, which is located on the North West cape of island Cres. From our second dive, we continue cruising toward island Krk where we sleep over night.


Fifth day (Wednesday):

From island Krk, we start cruising back to the south direction of island Rab. In area between Krk and Rab there are several diving spots near islands of Plavnik and Prvić. Vranjak I stay over night in port of Rab and next day we continue cruising toward island of Pag.


Sixth day (Thursday):

Novalja on island Pag is the port where ship stays over the night of the sixth day. Area of island Pag is also quite rich with different diving locations so depending on the weather conditions we always search for those which are suitable for diving.


Seventh day (Friday):

On the way back to Sukošan port, we make two dives in area of Sestrunj and Rivanj. On Friday night long journey of Kvarner tour ends.



Like no other tour, Kvarner tour is the most dynamic route due to the weather circumstances. Area of Kvarner and North Adriatic is quite often exposed to the NE wind called ‘’bura’’. This wind always blows from the land to the direction of the sea. Because of this reason, we are not capable always to stick exactly to the route plan. Of course, this notice is primarily oriented toward diving spots and not to the ports where we stay at night. If the NE wind is simply too strong, islands of Krk, Rab and Pag can be simply replaced with some other islands and diving spots which are located from the west side of islands Cres, Premuda and Mali Lošinj. For this tour all our customers are paying 60 euro additionally for extra fuel expenses.