Zadar - Vodice - Rogoznica - Komiža (Vis)-Primošten - Kornati - Zadar


Highlights of the Vis Tour

  • Island Vis
  • Up to 4 wrecks
  • Special protection area Vis
  • National park Kornati



Vis tour covers area from Zadar up to island Vis ( which is located around 30 knots west from Split ( Island Vis is best known island for diving in central Dalmatia and it is especially attractive because of wracks and great visibility of sea.



First day (Saturday):

Vranjak I starts cruising toward place Kukljica on island Ugljan ( With one swim stop, the ship arrives before dinner time into this small Dalmatian place. Kukljica is our home port and first day is always reserved for check of diving equipment, briefing and taking of necessary supplies for the whole week.


Second day of cruising (Sunday):

The ship continues journey toward south including two dive stops. First dive spot is usually located in area of city Vodice and second dive spot is located near Rogoznica (  Rogoznica is a small place on the coast where ship stays over night.

Dive spots that we are usually visiting in area of Vodice and Rogoznica are: Kukuljari, north side of island Kaprije, Sestrice, Sokol, Smokvica, Tmara, Drvenik, Kablinac, etc.  This area is location of wrack Francesca da Rimini but this diving spot is reserved for advance scuba and technical divers.

Francesca da Rimini is also specially protected cultural heritage and diving can be done only by support of local dive club. The price of diving is 20 euro per each dive/per diver.


Third day (Monday):

The journey continues toward Vis and after 3 hours of journey the ship arrives on island. Usually ship stays in area of Vis for 2 days (Monday and Tuesday). The night is reserved for port of Komiža. Diving spots on Vis are usually wrack Tetti (up to 35 m, great visibility, congers), Vassillios (wrack 25-55m), fishing wrack Fortunal, wrack Brioni (only for advanced and technical divers) in combination with beautiful and deep walls. Third day (Monday) the ship remains in Komiža over the night.

Vis has very interesting history. Komiža was former pirate port and its castle and church of St.Nicholas date from 1585. The island was closed for foreign tourism as a result of the headquarters of Marshal Tito until 1989.


Vis route is very often determined by weather conditions as this island is quite isolated from the main land. This is the main reason why all our clients should be aware that captain has right to change this route due to the weather conditions.

Vis is definitely place for more experienced divers and it is specially protected area.

Due to this reason, diving is only allowed with authorized diving club. Each dive in area of island Vis costs 10 euro per diver/per dive.  For this tour all our customers pay 60 euro additionally for extra fuel expenses.


Fourth day (Tuesday):

Ship stays one more night in Komiža or leaves island Vis and continues journey toward place Maslenica on island Šolta where it stays over night.  This decision is usually determined by weather conditions which are predicted for the following day.


Fifth day (Wednesday):

Fifth day is reserved for 2 dive spots on ship’s route toward north and Primošten.  Dive spots on this route are usually Orud, Muljica, Planka, Grbavac, Kamičiči, etc.

Primošten is unique tourist destination with many specialties. Some of them are on list of Unesco world heritage.


Sixth day and seventh day (Thursday and Friday):

Our customers have two possibilities. If customers are interested in night diving, the ship stays on Žirije for 2 dives and one night diving because night diving is forbidden in national park Kornati.

On Friday (seventh day), we have two dives in area of island Žirije and Žut and journey ends in port of Sukošan. The journey always ends on Friday evening in Sukošan port.

Second possibility is visiting of national park Kornati for 2 days (Thursday and Friday).

National park has several locations with beautiful underwater walls. We usually dive on dive spots Panitula,Balun, Mrtvac, Mana, Kamičiči, etc.  and sleep on island Levrnaka. After diving in Kornati, ship arrives on Friday evening in marina Sukošan.



VIS TOUR is highly dependable on the weather circumstances. Island Vis is located on the open sea so sometimes south wind (jugo) and North West wind (tramontana) can create high waves and unstable weather.  This kind of bad weather is not so usual but in case that we cannot dive on Vis, this tour can be replaced with South or Kornati tour.