Zadar (Sukošan) - Molat - Premuda-Rivanj - Dugi otok - Kornati - Zadar


Highlights of the North tour:

  • Flow channel "Sestrunj"
  • Cathedral of Premuda
  • Cave system "Mezanj"
  • National park Kornati



The North tour is characterized by many caves and brilliant rope walls. It covers area of North Dalmatia and national park Kornati. This route offers blend of excellent diving spots with small Dalmatian ports and places. Area of North Dalmatia is quite isolated from the main land. Due to that reason it succeeds to preserve its original beauty. Area covers islands Dugi otok, Molat, Ist, Premuda, Ugljan, Rivanj and national park Kornati.


First day (Saturday):

After start from Sukošan this day is reserved for one swim-stop and further cruising toward island Ugljan and place called Kukljica. The ship stays over night in Kukljica and second day (Sunday) it continues its journey toward national park Kornati.


Second and third day (Sunday and Monday): 

These 2 days we are diving in national park and we sleep over the night on island Levrnaka.

After second dive in national park on Monday, Vranjak I starts cruising toward north side of island Ugljan and she stays in port Muline over the night.


Fourth day and fifth day (Tuesday and Wednesday): 

From island Ugljan, Vranjak I continues cruising toward island Premuda.

The cave system of Premuda offers both beginners and advanced divers dazzling dives. Due to the complexity of the caves even two dives can be done on this spot. After staying overnight in Premuda, the ship stays in area of this island for one more day. Premuda is definitely the most beautiful island for diving in area of North Dalmatia.

After second dive on island Premuda, the ship continues its journey toward island Molat.

In this port ship stays over night.


Sixth day and seventh day (Thursday and Friday):

From Molat, Vranjak I cruises toward island Dugi otok ( 

If weather conditions are fine, the ship cruises from open side of Dugi otok toward south and NP Kornati. The ship usually stays on diving spot ‘’Mežanj’’ which has quite famous cage. This cage starts on dept around 10 to 12 m and it ends on 40 m.

Diving on Dugi otok is very often determined my weather conditions. According to these conditions, the captain decides about spending one or two days on diving spots of this beautiful island.


Second option is diving in area of Sestrunj and Rivanj.

The main highlight is the flow channel of Sestrunj.

With a maximum depth of 30m you can reach up to 2 miles within 30 minutes of total immersion time.

This diving spot is usually reserved for more experienced divers.


Island of Sestrunj has also one new spot. It is wrack ''Ledenik''. The ship sunk few years ago on dept of only 20 meters. It is perfect for beginners but it is also interested for more experienced divers. The length of ship is around 50 meters.


Journey ends by returning to Sukošan on Friday night. Next morning is departure after nice and relaxing holiday.


Plan of North route is primarily organized for diving groups. In case of ordinary groups, the plan can be changed according to guests’ desires and preferences. That plan of route covers more islands which are not interesting for divers but have nice sand beaches and bays which are attractive to ordinary guests.


Due to the weather conditions, the captain has right to change the schedule of tour. However, the guests will be informed on first day about possible changes and they have possibility to give proposals to captain.